Monday, October 24, 2011

Starting a company...

is both challenging and exciting, an array of mixed emotions!  Without passion, I wouldn't be able to do this!  My idea developed though my personal experience selling whatever I enjoyed making (greeting cards, dog collars, headbands, etched glass, etc) at farmer's markets.  Through meeting people there, vendors and customers, I realized there's definitely a market for an exclusive, handmade marketplace.  And thanks to some other successful sites, although few and far between, that have paved the way! 

I decided to combine my love for creativity with what I learned in college at Indiana University and IUPUI with my Business and Computer Information Systems degrees.  I've collaborated with a few programmers, designers, and some great writers to create something really unique and special.

The website is expected to be "live" in about a month, but as soon as we get closer, I'll start an official countdown!  I'll post progress and status updates, successes, and challenges along the way, so if you're interested in shopping, selling, or browsing handmade items, please feel free to follow...we'd love for you to be a part of this experience!


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