Monday, October 24, 2011

What's in a name?

3 B Street.  Yes, that's the official name of the handmade centralized marketplace.  Not only is it difficult to find a name online that's not already taken, but has meaning and vision.  I wanted a "street" name of sorts because the site looks like an outdoor shopping mall, with a sidewalk, windows, and awnings.  I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing for a customer to browse and shop.  And why the "B"?  Well, my last name is Barron, so thought it was relative, and the "3" was my husband's number, as well as believing in the "Theory of 3's".  In addition, I think it gives the visual of a street and a memorable actual location, such as an address.  The combination of these elements actually phonetically rhymes too, so it's catchy, and easy to remember.  So, the only thing left is building name brand recognition.  Now that you're got it memorized, help me spread the word...3 B Street.


  1. I love the name - I love the logo- i love the blogspot page background template... you just got it goin' on girl ;)
    I wish you the very best.
    have good night.
    I will be back to blog soon.


  2. I am also a numberologist as well- my numbers read me as a power '3' and a life path '3' which represents total positive energy---- so your husband being the '3' factor indicates - that he supports and motivates your dreams.
    you will be very successful B = Love/ Harmony 3B= free spirted/ outdoor fun. more later...

  3. I love it, Tony! All sounds good to me...thanks for sending positive energy our way...