Monday, April 30, 2012

New Company

As with any new company, we all have to start somewhere.  Etsy I'm sure didn't start out where they are now either :)  Yes, it's hard to compete, but we have to be unafraid to try, not only myself, but merchants and customers.  Believe me, starting up 3 B Street has come with more emotions and challenges than I ever realized!  Each phase brings a new one.  I think each new site out there brings it's own, unqiue design and personality, and we can't be everything to everyone. I think that's often when we fail is because we lose sight of our original goals.

I'm not a gimmicky salesperson because I think my site will speak for itself.  I have never seen another site like it, and have made the design just as rich and creative as the quality of work I'm asking of the merchants.

I intend to sell my own handmade products on 3 B Street and also be an integral part of connecting with people through the site as the Founder. I'm very passionate and excited about it and hope you'll consider 3 B Street to be the "next" site you're willing to try because it'll be worth it.