Monday, April 30, 2012

New Company

As with any new company, we all have to start somewhere.  Etsy I'm sure didn't start out where they are now either :)  Yes, it's hard to compete, but we have to be unafraid to try, not only myself, but merchants and customers.  Believe me, starting up 3 B Street has come with more emotions and challenges than I ever realized!  Each phase brings a new one.  I think each new site out there brings it's own, unqiue design and personality, and we can't be everything to everyone. I think that's often when we fail is because we lose sight of our original goals.

I'm not a gimmicky salesperson because I think my site will speak for itself.  I have never seen another site like it, and have made the design just as rich and creative as the quality of work I'm asking of the merchants.

I intend to sell my own handmade products on 3 B Street and also be an integral part of connecting with people through the site as the Founder. I'm very passionate and excited about it and hope you'll consider 3 B Street to be the "next" site you're willing to try because it'll be worth it.


  1. When are you hoping to "go live"? I know you left a comment on my blog but I'm still in the 'consideration' phase of starting to sell some of my products. Since I'm such a newbie I'm not sure I've got much to offer but support.

    1. Hi, Judy! I apologize for the delay as I just saw this! I kept checking and reading your blog, and didn't notice you posted on mine! As you can see, it's brand new and I need some followers. I haven't done my company introduction to the "masses" yet, but plan to do so shortly.

      3 B Street is up right now to begin accepting applications, then in a few days stores will be able to setup their shops, customize, add products, etc. Then we'll be in beta/test phase for a few more weeks until customers can begin shopping. We're working on populating it with sellers right now.

      The design is like no other. It's very rich and creative and will please both sellers and customers. I'm also working with a rescue group right now to work on a partnership to give a portion of commissions to animal rescue, yet another passion of mine. So, we have lots of great things in the works!

      If you're interested, go ahead and apply and I'm here to help you set things up. You can contact me any time at if you have any questions!

      And, in the meantime, if you know other artists/creators that would be interested in selling, your referral and support is also appreciated!

      Enjoy your day and thank you!