Wednesday, June 27, 2012

About the Founder, Laurie

Hello!  I'm Laurie Barron and started 3 B Street in 2011 due to common frustrations with other handmade sites and the challenges of selling at markets.  I grew up in the Midwest, attended Indiana University, Bloomington, in the 90s, and currently live in Southern California, with hopes to get even closer to the ocean.  I have an adorable husband, a beautiful white German Shepherd, and two lovable cats that moved across the country with me.
I love being creative as it provides an emotional outlet as well as fulfilling my passion for creativity!  I will try anything new and love making gifts for others.  I currently sell non-slip headbands, dog collars, and key chains at a weekly Farmer's Market in Temecula, CA, as I consider this my "lifeline" for 3 B Street.  Here are some tidbits about myself and what's important to me:
  • The ability to "give back" will be how I ultimately measure success
  • I'm passionate about animals
  • I'm an optimistic dreamer
  • I'm an extrovert and extremely energized by others from whom I can learn
  • I tend to be sarcastic and consider myself quirky, but relish in being different
  • My husband was a race car driver and doesn't always appreciate my sarcasm
  • I work hard and put a lot of energy into what's important to me
  • I like to eat a lot and would rather work out more (I was a swimmer at IU)
  • I believe in having fun and a work/life balance.  In fact, I believe in balance and moderation for ALL things.
I hope you follow 3 B Street and support our new handmade site...exciting things are coming!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crafter vs. Artist

The ultimate question with really no definitive answer...are you a Crafter or an Artist?  In its general sense, they can be described as follows:  A Crafter refers to an individual creating items with a functional purpose, often with a specific set of instructions.  An Artist focuses on the aesthetic value rather than functional, the medium used, an advanced skill, and is exclusive to the creator.  But ultimately, it's in the eye of the beholder, right? 

I believe most crafters will also think they're artists, but does it work the other way? I don't think so.  While we all take pride in our skill and ability to create or even make one-of-a-kind items, I think it's important to know the difference. 

So, Artist vs Crafter is NOT in the eye of the beholder, but finding beauty in it is.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Social Media

Wow!  What a beast, but a beautiful one!  I cannot imagine going back to the old system of networking, whatever that is.  It's amazing how we connect these days, and with whom.  I love the discussions threads, the introductions, the advertising, and the random updates.  Although I haven't figured them all out yet, I fully intend to optimize the individual capabilites.  Although somewhat intimidating, I feel there's nothing I can't tackle and overcome...especially with all of your help, that online social friends.  I'm looking forward to networking, disucssing, and updating all of you.