Thursday, July 19, 2012

To be free, or not to be free. That is the question.

Finding the happy balance between cost and value is a challenge.  We all measure that value differently and have to weigh out the cost versus benefit.  I recently came across a discussion thread where a crafter said she didn't "believe in paying anyone for her personal work and helping put money in somebody else's pocket".  I wonder if the suppliers she buys from feel the same way.  If so, then we'd all be out of business.  Fortunately, most support a collaborative environment.

In reality, a service is just that, where you pay somebody else with a greater expertise to do the work. Some handmade sites are offering completely free accounts because they simply want to support Crafters and Artists. The implication is that the rest of us don't, but that is hardly the case. Establishing 3 B Street involves support staff, advances in technology, an immeasurable amount of time, new resources, advertising, design, legal advice, a formal business plan, and much more. Providing a professional service requires a serious commitment.
Premier sellers and customers are willing to pay for exceptional service.  3 B Street will be an exclusive venue where sellers won't be over saturated, and customers will find high quality products easily without having to browse thousands of products.  There is an absolute value to pay for this service to achieve your desired outcome.

The old adage "time is money" has substance.  But so does creating a high quality, customized, user friendly, well supported website.  Hopefully the benefits that 3 B Street offers will provide the balance you're seeking.


  1. As an artisan with her own business, I fully believe in paying others for their time, energy and knowledge. Just as I feel I deserved to be payed for the same. There are certain things that I know I do not have expertise in, nor the time to learn. All the best wishes for your venture!

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I appreciate that support! I think a lot of it too, just like our handmade products, people have no idea the amount of work that goes into not only making the products, but selling them, marketing them, perfecting them, etc. It's challenging to wear so many hats and my intent with the site is to make it easier, not more difficult. I cannot wait to show you and thanks for appreciate all the hard work we've put into the site too!

    2. sorry for the typo...I meant to say...thanks for appreciating the hard work, because I do know what goes into all of it! Hope you'll join our site too once it's live...very soon!