Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Branding 3 B Street

I must be on the right track because I saw this video on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend featuring, Ron Johnson, CEO of JCP, also known as JCPenny. He discussed the makeover JCP is about to endure.  Take a look at the video below:

3 B Street's name was created to be just that - a meeting place, a destination for high quality products, and an experience.  We are branding ourselves as the "Nordstrom (sorry, JCP) of Etsy."  3 B Street will have the exclusive feel of "Nordstrom's" with only the best products, features, and customer service.  Eventually sellers will exclaim, "How did you get on there? I want to sell there too!"  3 B Street will become a status quo with a group of elite, handmade sellers who offer great service, take pride in what they sell, and do so with impeccable skills.

The experience will include a personal connection, also common of typical "meeting places."  The entire experience, whether online or at markets and shows will be exhilarating, classy, and high quality, which is exactly how 3 B Street is branding themselves.  I guess great minds do think alike.  Thanks for affirming, Ron Johnson.

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