Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Going Live...

3 B Street officially went live at the end of Sept 2012.  What a journey and an exciting one at that. We've built the site from ground up.  No templates, no cheat sheets, no rules.  Simply by imagination, creativity, and listening to my heart.  Now comes the hard part.  Getting others to share my passion.  Over the last several months I've been attending fairs, shows, and markets to find the creative people. I've met some truly talented artists and gotten nearly 99% positive feedback, which continues to motivate me.  I know I'm doing the right thing and that there's a need in the market for sellers to succeed and buyers to find those special, pre-selected products.

In just a little over a month, we've got 70 users.  Not bad for a fresh start!  But, we're nowhere NEAR finished.  With the upcoming holidays, I'd like to get about 300 members by the end of the year.  My passion is not technology or even creativity, but helping people succeed and watching others grow their business as I have mine.  Providing support and resources means more to me than the almighty dollar.  I promise to never lose sight of that goal nor lose my integrity in the meantime.

I just need your help in spreading the word.  Remember to like us on, follow us on and share your findings.  Search through the site, tell your artist friends, and best of all BUY products on  Not only will you make me happy, you'll make my seller happy, and most importantly, yourself happy.

I'm in this for the long haul.  Come join me...


  1. Slap me if I have missed it - is there a link to your webside?

  2. It was in my profile but sure would have helped to put it here too, huh? My apologies :)